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Meaning Of Mainstay

A Prominent Supporter,Chief Support,Backbone,Keystone

Mainstay Presence

Mainstay is presence in many Sectors like Mainstay Academy,
TechMainstay Software Pvt. Ltd.

Aim of Mainstay

Our Aim is To Help Via Technology.


We believe ‘People are more important than businesses’. Our main goal is to establish long term prosperous business relations with our customers. We do so by putting our heart and soul into what we do. We strive to come up with solutions that are up to your requirements and more than your expectations. Our vision is to employ the best of our efforts and skills to help your business in achieving success. We use our expertise in Analysis, User experience, and Apps to uplift your brand recognition. For us, your successful brand is an insignia of our own success.

We Provide

1) Mobile Application Development[Android,iOS].
2) Website Development.
3) SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
4) Online Marketing.


Our Mission is to Help Via Technology.

Why TechMainstay.

Our Aim is to Help Via Technology.
TechMainstay think about Customer First.
TechMainstay Are Committed to Integrity.
TechMainstay Celebrate Teamwork.
TechMainstay's are Leaders and Innovators.

Team of TechMainstay

Our team has the capability to face any challenge and work round the clock to provide an optimum product.We at TechMainstay believe in hard work along with quality output. Our aim is provide our customers with what they want, by understanding their needs and delivering more than their requirements. It is our goal to empower people with the power of software and helping them expand their businesses over the horizon. We guarantee quality products with an economical price for common people. Also it is our responsibility to provide maintenance services to our customers at absolutely no cost.
TechMainstay Software Pvt. Ltd. is the Mobile Application Development Company in Pune,India established in 18 december 2014 By Rahil Shaikh. Meaning of Mainstay is A Prominent Supporter,Chief Supporter. Our Aim is to Help via Technology. Our firm provides services to enterprise or business organizations. We believe in empowering people with software and providing them a platform to expand their business from local to World Wide Web and also imparting a boost with our business management system software.

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